By: Blonde One

This year for the Two Blondes has been fabulous! To be fair we say that most years but I think this year has been most memorable for the amazing people that we have met. From pre-teens to retired folk we have enjoyed walking and working with them all. As we’ve gone through the year we’ve been saving some of the funny and weird comments that people have said to, or about, us. See if you recognise any of the quotes as your own. Most would be spoiled with explanation so I’ll leave them to your imagination.


Climbing up Snowdonia is my favourite thing to do in England.

You are the French and Saunders of the walking world.

I thought a nice pair of flats would do (for a muddy walk!)

It was sunny when I left London this morning.

We’ve been foxed!

Never swim in another man’s vomit.

That’s right in my poo window.

Some of these steps are cliffs.

There’s no two ways around it.

Someday the world we see things the way we do.

I want to see your voice.

I find social media gross. (From someone who makes a living from social media)

I’m ‘anti’ doing anything for free. (Clearly not a fan of volunteering)

Miss, you’re going to have to reconsider your lifestyle choices.

There’s a sea louse up my nose.

To be sure, I wish I’d brought me feckin’ t’ermals. (Irish accent)

Don’t headbutt the airbag.

I am so grateful that you have given me this opportunity to have a go at showing my skills.

Maybe it’s time to swap that microwave for a Trangia.

I don’t want to go out tonight, I’d rather crochet a sprout.

A weekend and a fox I will never forget!!

I did have fun and I learned a lot, about maps, walking and myself so thank you and I hope this will help you to know that all your effort is so very much appreciated and means that myself and our team have learned a lot!


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this blog. You’re all fantastic!