By: Blonde Two


As you know we Blondes do love a bit of wild camping. Above you can see a recent picture of our tent in one of our favourite ‘walk-out-at-night’ spots. We do lots of Blonde things when we arrive at camp, some you might expect such as: pitch the tent, lay out our beds, eat some snacks and snuggle in. We do those quite well, but the one thing that we always try to do but never succeed at is taking one of THOSE tent photos.


You know the type of thing, dark night, empty moor and a perfect picture of a beautifully lit up tent. We have tried everything, we have brought extra lights, we have flashed, we have not flashed, we have shone torches, we have not shone torches and nothing seems to work.

Now what we need is a friendly photographer-type person to tell us where we are going wrong.