By: Blonde Two

As you know, the Two Blondes are not adverse to sleeping out on Dartmoor. We don’t usually however, fall asleep in the middle of a day-time Dartmoor walk.

But that is exactly what happened to me on a recent summer perambulation. One minute I was lying back on my rucksack, happily digesting my lunch (minimal sandwich and flask of tea) and listening to a pair of ladies chattering; and the next I was waking up after twenty minutes of most acceptable, post prandial snoozing.

B2 two minutes prior to snooze!

B2 two minutes prior to snooze!

As it happened, I was at Buckland Beacon at the time; home of the Ten Commandments Stones. Once I was suitably awake, I went to check but they are so worn now, it was difficult to tell whether or not the new additional commandment had been added. I think it should be …

Thou shalt sleep!