By: Blonde Two

Let’s go through… the keyhole…

Explorer House sounds like a very exciting and interesting place to be. I have never been there (although I have an invitation to visit) but this is how my Blonde imagination sees it. (Explorer House by the way, isn’t the one at the top of this blog post, but I did have to explore to take the photo).

Explorer House has a very intriguing front door. It isn’t flashy and obvious, in fact, you need to be something of an explorer to find it. It is hidden behind a screen of tall, swaying bamboo plants and approached by a dark tunnel that only the most competent of navigators can negotiate.

Once you step inside Explorer House you are confused because there are so many doors to choose from. Each of these doors is different and each gives a hint of what stands (or lurks) behind it. Some of them appear to have nothing behind them whatsoever.

There are no chairs in Explorer House, this is because nobody ever explored anywhere properly whilst sitting still. Exploration requires movement and explorers who stop moving become exexplorers (which is a really hard word to say especially if they used to explore the river that runs through Exeter).

In Explorer House the food delivery is a tad on the unusual side. There is no kitchen or canteen and everybody has to hunt for their dinner. This doesn’t mean that there are animals and people with spears running around the building, it just means that the burgers, chickpea wraps and egg sandwiches are all either hidden, buried in snow or at the top of very tall climbing walls.

The people who visit Explorer House are intriguing, they arrive with rucksacks and crampons (because some rooms at Explorer House are winter all of the time). They never know what to expect (because if they did, they wouldn’t bother going there) and they use binoculars to look at everything just in case they miss something important (this can be a bit disconcerting if it is you they are looking at).

The people who work there are even more fascinating. Some of them have been there for millennia because Explorer House was designed to be… well… explored, which means that it is: a) far too interesting to leave, b) very confusing to navigate. Everybody who wants to work at Explorer House has to pass a series of tests, known colloquially as ‘The Mappage’. Some of these tests are top secret but I can reveal today that one of them involves standing in a pitch black room and turning, as quickly as you can, to face a cardinal direction as it is whispered at you.

I think I have given you enough clues to be going along with. If you think you know the answer to today’s ‘Through the Keyhole’ blog post then let us know in the comments below. If you don’t know the answer you have probably been off exploring yourself and that is fine; just tune in to tomorrow’s blog post to find out.

Oh go on then, just one more clue; Explorer House has a motto (it isn’t hung over the door because explorers prefer to search for their mottos) but it is a very appropriate one and written in a long lost grammatical form of Latin (or so I am told!)

Ut Foris