By: Blonde Two

If you think back dear Blondees and Blondettes, you will remember that this expedition year has been Blonde One’s first as a minibus driver.  She is remarkable confident now but has a few driving challenges yet to come; there is a bridge that she must cross one day, some weeny Exmoor lanes and a rather long drive to the Isle of Man.  I know that (obviously with her trusty co-pilot by her side) she will meet all of these challenges with confidence (and Jelly Babies).

We had a few minibus v mud incidences to deal with over Ten Tors weekend.  We became fairly expert in pushing other people’s buses out of the mud and had to ask some kind gents for help with ours once (note, only once).  However, when it was time for us to leave Okehampton Camp with a minibus full of kit and, for once, no youngsters, Blonde One made sure that we left in style.

Across a field strewn with vehicles that were sliding this way and that, Blonde One picked and drove a route that took us straight off the field with only the mere hint of slippage.  So impressive was our exit, in fact, that Blonde One earned a thumbs up from one of the Landrover drivers waiting to pull all of those other poor stuck people out.

Thumbs up for Blonde One.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Two Blondes have left the campsite!