By: Blonde Two

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The Two Blondes were each had a lovely present a couple of weeks ago. The presents were practical (just like Blondes), attractive (exactly like Blondes) and the same but different (totally like Blondes).

I have been told that it is rude to talk about underwear; but I am going to have to anyway, because our presents were a pair of Thunderpants each.

Thunderpants are a New Zealand invention, and were first introduced to me by one of my Kiwi Cuzzies (that means cousins!) They are not at all like normal pants, except in that they have three holes; one for each leg and one for the waist. Thunderpants are never boring, and come in a wide range of striking colours and patterns. Blonde One choose stripes (I think because she has always wanted to escape from Dartmoor prison) and I went a bit crazy and chose cowgirls (I think because I had cowboy wallpaper on my wall when I was young). Here they are posing (Thunderpants like to show off) on Dartmoor.


We Blondes have both tried our Thunderpants at home and found them to be very comfy. I have never had a pair of pants before that I could just forget about; you put them on, and then later in the day (how much later is up to you), you take them off again. In between times they behave and don’t do anything silly like sneaking up your bottom (they do however climb trees).

Thunderpants in Tree

After a home trial, we decided that we liked our Thunderpants enough to take them out wild camping. Here we had slightly different experiences, we put this down to having chosen different shape pants. Blonde One’s ‘hipster’ Thunderpants got a bit over excited about being outside and spent a lot of time trying to fall down inside her walking trousers. This made for some interesting Blonde-Dancing. My ‘original’ (and quite giant) Thunderpants kept up their exemplary behaviour, and didn’t shift from their allotted position, no matter how long my stride or how deep the puddles. They even stayed in the right place all night!

Blonde One has decided that she loves her ‘hipster’ Thunderpants for everyday wear but not for walking. My ‘original’ ones are now my absolutely favourite walking pants, and I am going to have to buy some more to avoid any future ‘hairdrying-pants’ activity.

Just one note about the cowgirls. They take a bit of getting used to; it is initially disconcerting to glance down at your gusset and see a horseback lady smiling up at you!

If you want to buy your very own Thunderpants (which are for life and not just for Christmas), just click here and start choosing! believe me, your bottom will thank you!