By: Blonde Two

I am not sure how I feel about time.  I am fairly unconvinced that it is a simple as most of us assume it is (back to quantum weirdness here).  The world moves very fast and we presume that time does too but when you find yourself in places steeped in as much history as Dartmoor, time can, if you concentrate, stop a bit  .Anyway, what I wanted to talk to you about today was the people that you remember from your formative years.  Who is on your timeline, who helped to form the person you are now?  To whom can you look back and say – “They made me the person I am.”? Besides my parents and sisters, I remember a pair of older lady teachers who introduced me at the tender age of 7 (?) to all things ornithological, further back, a lovely headmistress who took us on nature walks across the Malvern Hills with paper cups so that we could drink the spring water.

My sisters will recall and still talk about one secondary teacher in particular who, to be honest, was quite odd (Blondes are obviously not odd) but single handedly took us all on numerous sailing and walking trips and even down to Ten Tors (in the days when you didn’t have to live in the south west to take part).  In fact, if you talk to almost anyone who loves the outdoors, you will find a memory of a particular person there, someone who first inspired that love but more importantly someone who gave that love the opportunity to grow and develop.

The Two Blondes spend a lot of time (not as much as we would like) working with youngsters in the outdoors.  Many people spend a lot more time doing it than we do. Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are neglecting other things too much in favour of it all – particularly family.  I am big-Blonde-headed enough though to like the idea of a legacy, just a little one, you understand.  I don’t want to conquer Everest (Blonde One would probably jump at the chance) or swim the Amazon.  I would, however like to be remembered, for teaching someone else to love the outdoors and, more particularly, to love Dartmoor.