By: Blonde Two

Although Blonde One and I have seen an awful lot of each other recently, we haven’t really had any proper “Blonde Time”.  We have had a lot of meetings with youngsters, camps with youngsters, walks with youngsters and even a couple of parties with youngsters.  All of which and whom have been very lovely.  However, sometimes a Blonde just needs to be a Two Blonde and sit on Dartmoor in the rain and chat and be silly and drink from her flask and find inappropriate places to go to the loo and invent silly names for things and eat Jelly Babies and wear her waterproof trousers on her arms because she forgot her coat and give tors odd names and lie in the bluebells to take photos and wear sandals with walking trousers and choose tents from a catalogue and drink some ale and get confused over maths and plan the next expedition and … well, just be Blonde really.


So yesterday, that is just what we did and this was our view.  You should all try it sometime!