By: Blonde Two

Dartmoor has a few caves including one for piskies and one for potatoes. I am not really much of a troglodyte (unlike the wren – you will have to know your bird names to understand that one!) I would far rather have a bit of mist on my head than lie all night worrying about the world falling in around me.

I have been caving a couple of times. Once at Pridhamsleigh when I was the only adult with a party of Scouts, and had to do very good pretending so that nobody knew I was afraid; and once in the Ardeche area of France with my family, when I made a complete fool of myself in a squeeze and had to return to fresh air rather quickly.

This tiny Dartmoor Cave is much more my thing. It is mostly open, has lovely views and a carpet of ferns. Mr Blonde Two has slept in it, I wonder if any of you know where it is (shh if you do).

Tiny Cave

By the way, if you can’t find a real cave and fancy a rather odd birthday party; you might want to consider an artificial cave experience!