By: Blonde One

Little Miss Blonde and Numbers recently had a trip on a Segway. You know the things: 2 wheels, futuristic, look tricky to balance on. Numbers is a keen surfer so he got the hang of this apparently similar activity quite quickly. Little Miss Blonde took a little longer to master her skills. She was the needy one of the group who required a few more practices! She did get the hang of it eventually though.


They were in the fabulous Haldon Forest and went on a ‘Safari’ through the trees. Whilst they were off Mr Blonde One and I deliberated over coffee about what the verb is to describe their actions. When they set off did they ‘seg’ off? Were they ‘segging’ through the trees? To seg isn’t an official term (as confimed by the red squiggly lines as I type) but I think it should be.