By: Blonde Two

When you are a busy outdoor kind of woman, the question of when to shower becomes rather tricky to answer. This conundrum was ably demonstrated when preparing for a Dartmoor outdoor swim earlier this week.

I got up early to get some work done and decided to shower and wash my hair with a view to looking lovely for that evening’s meal out with Blonde One and friends. This would have been fine, lovely hair can last all day, but not, it would appear, if your second shower that day is going to be under a Dartmoor waterfall.


Photography by Claire Smith

I clearly hadn’t thought this through but it is difficult to juggle long hair when any minute you might find yourself sauntering into the sea, darting across Dartmoor, running into a river or plopping into a pond. I have some of that expensive sea-salt spray stuff which, to be honest, seems faintly ridiculous when there is a whole bay of free sea-salt spray stuff just down the road. If it didn’t hurt so much to put my head under the cold water I could trot down to the beach each day and stick my head in.


Photography by Claire Smith

I was in good conundrum company for our waterfall swim, one friend had donned her quirky outdoor gear forgetting that she had to do the school run through a gauntlet of make-up and coiffure, and another had brought three pairs of swimming shoes because she couldn’t decide which were quite right.

Just as well we all understand each other! And as for the shower thing, well… if you don’t smell…

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