By: Blonde Two

Yesterday, I had cause to visit Plymouth. I arrived by train (easy enough) and was then faced with a quandary; which mode of transport should I select to reach my final destination (a hotel)? I had already confirmed that the hotel was fifteen minutes walk away.

Option One was a taxi. No … hear me out! I wasn’t being lazy, I was concerned about my lack of: a) map, b) compass, c) Blonde One. Concrete and tarmac are very useful materials; but I am much happier navigating along one of Dartmoor’s mysterious ‘on-the-map-but-not-on-the-ground’ footpaths.

Option Two was walking.  A good option in the spring sunshine if I could guarantee that I would be able to find my way. Obviously, being Blonde and very organised, I had left far more time than was actually required.

I blame you Blondees and Blondettes entirely for my decision; I chose Option Two because I wanted to be able to write a blog post. ‘Two Blondes in a Taxi’ sounds more like a joke than an informative, witty and successful blog!

Some things went wrong:
I went round one roundabout twice (underpasses and satellite maps don’t mix well).
I bumped into a lady because I was looking at my phone map too much.
I got stuck on a crossing in the middle of the main road, because the green man didn’t go green, and I am a stickler for the rules.

Some things went right:
The sunshine was lovely and there was just the right amount of breeze.
I walked past the university and was GLAD that I wasn’t as young as the spotted youths.
There were hills so I got some exercise.
I had time to stand and look at Charles Church instead of driving around it in the car. (Est. 1634, incendiary bombs 1941).

Charles Church

All in all, walking was a good decision, so thank you. Just in case you are interested, it took me 30 minutes to walk there and 10 minutes to walk back!