By: Blonde Two

Today I unpacked.

The statement above is so momentous that I should maybe have left it to stand alone in its stark but significant three-word-state.  It would have been our shortest blog post to date, surpassing 2013’s “Ten Words” post in its minimalism

Had I done that, I fear that only Blonde One would have understood what I was trying to say so here is a bit more information;

Blonde One and I packed for our first camp of this (Blonde) season in February.  Since then we have been away a lot.  I stopped counting how many nights a while ago but it seemed like most of them.  Neither of us has unpacked in that time (Blonde definition of unpacking = emptying your bag so that it will fold flat and fit back into the cupboard leaving the spare bed looking like a bed again).

All of those adventures have now been packed away into my wardrobe and stashed back into the loft.  It has been quite a season, one that will be filed in my memory banks (like many of life’s better things) as both “triumphant” and “desperate”.  Hopefully I will examine it in my dotage and be pleased with the way I comported myself.  Would you think me odd at this moment if I confessed to a tear?

There is, of course, another side to this story.  Dear Blondees and Blondettes, please don’t worry.  A Blonde is not a Blonde without an adventure and I am sure that Blonde One and I will be back up at Fox Tor Cafe again soon, notebooks and maps in hand, planning next season’s escapades and thinking about what to pack … “Are you going to bring your …?”