By: Blonde Two

It is very tempting (well to a Blonde anyway) when one is in a naughty Dartmoor mood, to walk to the top of Cox Tor, stand on the trig thingy and shout “Cox” as loudly as you can.

It is not so tempting however, to shout “Hare” on Hare Tor, “Sheep” on Sheep’s Tor, “Calves” on Calveslake Tor or “Rabbit” on Conies Down Tor (think about it).

I have never wanted to caw like a crow on Crow Tor or bay like a dog on Hound Tor. Neither have I fancied doing any goating on either Higher Dunnagoat Tor or Lower Dunnagoat Tor.

I would like the opportunity one day to emit a loud “Grrrr” on Ger Tor.  I should also like, at some point in the future, to introduce Cox Tor to Hen Tor and see if we can make a few little Chicken Tors.

I would like to stroke a cat on Kitty Tor and laugh for at least two minutes on Laughter Tor (we Blondes may have already done this).  Standing on Standon Hill is a must but never go to Winter Tor in August.

There are a few tors, however that I am not too sure about visiting.  What, for example, do Jelly Babies taste like on Sourton Tor?  Should one really wear a shell suit on Shell Top?  And the most perplexing question of all … what exactly is it that swells on Swell Tor?