By: Blonde Two

Athletes (I’m not one) use the phrase ‘hitting the wall’ which I think means getting to that point at which you feel so physically worn out that think you can’t carry on.

I have recently hit (well touched gingerly) a different kind of wall, you know the sort, big stones, cement type stuff, separates two areas (in this case a big wet area, namely the sea and a big dry area, aka the road). Yep, you have worked it out, I am talking about the sea wall. Please don’t worry, I haven’t just had a horrendous head-meets-wall type accident. This isn’t just any sea wall, this sea wall is known to local Torbay swimmers as ‘The Wall’ and is situated, rather conveniently, approximately 500 metres from that other watery landmark, ‘The Steps’.

The reason that I have recently touched ‘The Wall’ is that I have been trying to up my swimming training for the Dart 10K event in September. I have been eyeing up ‘The Wall’ for some time now but it took a friend saying, ‘Yes’ to get me there once and the second time I went on my own. I was quite nervous the first time, I really don’t understand why, walls are generally solid, friendly things and the water by this one is usually so shallow that you touch the sand with your fingers if you are swimming front crawl.

In truth, I haven’t been just swimming towards ‘The Wall’, I have been swimming towards the public toilets that are situated behind ‘The Wall’ but ‘touching the lav’ doesn’t really cut it in the ‘look at me’ stakes. There is a reason for picking the big white loo building as my half-way point (there and back). I swim without my glasses or contact lenses and when you are half-blindly swimming in choppy water you need something quite big to aim for.

This week ‘The Steps’ to ‘The Wall’. Who knows, next week might even bring the heady, round-mile excitement of ‘The Cliff’ to ‘The Wall’.