By: Blonde One

Whilst in Tromso in northern Norway the Blonde One family spent quite a lot of time investigating tracks. Whether in town, in the woods or in the mountains there was always a good selection of tracks to try to identify. One day when we were out we had a very knowledgeable guide with us who gave us all sorts of information about the fauna, as well as many other things. That day we saw the tracks of: reindeer, white grouse, foxes, mice, sled dogs, snowshoe-ers, downhill skiers and snowboarders.

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On a different day out we went up to have a look at the amazingly, terrifyingly high ski jumps in Tromso. There are 3 in total and the tallest stands at 74m high. That doesn’t sound very high but believe me, when you’re stood at the bottom of it, it’s tall! The area is a stunning wooded area where the locals come to practise their cross country skiing. There are tracks in place, in the snow, for the downhill ski sections and there are handy notices to walkers about where to walk. We are used to not walking in the cycle lanes here in the UK but it was novel to have to avoid a ski lane. I wouldn’t want to get in their way as they approach as they are going at quite some speed and I’m not sure what their braking system is!



We have a lovely relaxed day visiting the Arctic Cathedral on another day and although we were in the close vicinity of a religious building, we were still quite surprised to find the tracks of an angel!

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