By: Blonde Two

There can be few lines of poetry as lovely as these by WB Yeates.

“But I, being poor have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

I have always wished to be light-of-foot and deft-of-motion; but am definitely more elephant stomp than twinkle toes. My balance is hopeless too; as witnessed by the physiotherapist who dealt with me after I broke my ankle. “I can see why you fell over!” was her comment as I failed completely to bounce on a minuscule trampoline (the big dic jury, by the way, appears to be out on the spelling of mini/minuscule).

I blame my stepping-stone phobia on the balance thing but am determined that I am going to do my best to face my fears (sometime during the next decade). I started this week by a trot around the boulders at Dartmeet.

Look at the picture below.  Read the body language, see how relaxed and at ease with my environment I am.  Notice the lack of tension in my back and my completely unclenched fists (they weren’t the only part of me that was clenched!)DSC_3555

You will be pleased to know that I found my way safely back to the river bank, it was at least a metre!