By: Blonde Two

If you are reading this then don’t presume that the Two Blondes are back safely from our Wednesday night chilly adventure.  We may not be … By the power of the internet, I have travelled through time to send you this message a day early (work that out if you can)!

We all love a treasure hunt.  Mr Blonde Two’s family were particularly good at them, especially at Christmas and on birthdays.  It was never a surprise at their house, to lift the toilet lid and find a rhyming clue stuck to the underside of it.  As children, the family Blonde Two (lots of girls) had friends (more girls) with an enormous house (well it was enormous to us) and we spent many happy and giggly hours playing sardines

Map reading and navigating is a lot like a treasure hunt and Dartmoor is full of treasure just asking to be found.  I think my favourite has to be Cists or Kistvaens – these are ancient tombs which would once have actually contained treasure.  Cairns (big piles of stones) though are easier to find and it would be satisfying to stand on them once found if I was sure that it wouldn’t invoke spirit activity.

Last night, the Two Blondes took part in a treasure hunt across Dartmoor.  It was dark and it was cold and for once, we were not the hunters, we were the treasure!  You can imagine the scene (well let’s face it, I am because it hasn’t happened yet).  Two Ladies huddled behind a rock in the middle of nowhere trying to keep warm and waiting to be found. Hopefully, they remembered their gloves, their thermals and, most importantly, their Jelly Babies.  They will probably be chatting and will have plenty of time to put the world to rights while they wait to be found.

But were the Two Blondes ever found or is this the Last Post (see what I did there?).  Did they run out of Jelly Babies or die of hypothermia?  You will have to log in tomorrow to find out … this time machine is returning to base.