By: Blonde Two

I imagine that almost everybody reading this blog knows the answer to the question.  It is quite a disappointment isn’t it to find out that you are no longer allowed to use butter. Butter would be such fun to spread over someone’s skin and much nicer for them than horrid cold water.  You could even add Marmite as a potential source of energy if you had to sit around for ages waiting for help.  (I should probably add here that you should always ask permission before licking your casualty!)

I had lots of opportunities to practice First Aid scenarios during my training sessions last week.  I teamed up with a lovely lady called Claire for some of them.  The burns one was in the dark and I found Claire sitting on a conveniently placed survival bag on the (very muddy) grass.  We had been told that we were at a camp, that there were lots of kids around (not sure if Claire was one of them but she was making a big fuss!) and that someone had burnt both hands on a stove.

Everybody else managed to find the imaginary water and the imaginary snow but I was maybe taking things too seriously and got a bit carried away in my hunt for something cold.  I choose the first thing I could lay my frantic hands on which was (rather worryingly for Claire) the muddy grass on which she was sitting.  I was apparently heard to be muttering, “Something cold, something cold, grass, grass, grass.”

Once poor old Claire’s hands were piled high with wet grass (I kept putting more on to keep it cold), we both suddenly recognised the utter ridiculousness of our situation and collapsed into complete hysterics.  It was very difficult to take anything serious after that.

I never did get an answer about the wisdom of my treatment but one thing was for sure, Claire had completely forgotten about her poor old burnt hands!