By: Blonde One

An interesting conversation occurred recently with a friend about the fact that children spend too much time on social media. This friend was adamant that as a result of this screen time children were not climbing trees. So I decided to conduct a very Blonde survey. Normally surveys will have been carefully created with a scientific approach. The sample will have been carefully chosen and the conditions will be as controlled as possible to avoid bias and variations. Not so with this survey; it was conducted in an entirely Blonde way!

Here’s what happened …

I asked some of my classes at Trinity School who had ever climbed a tree in their life. The answer was unanimous: every single student that was asked said that they had indeed climbed a tree.

The conclusive results of this survey therefore are that the children, and their parents, at Trinity School are brilliant and are not constantly stuck inside on social media.


Disclaimer: No children or trees were harmed in the process of conducting this survey.