By: Blonde Two

When Blonde One and I walk together we tend to walk side by side so that we can chat, but if the path is narrow, more often than not, it is she that walks in front whilst I follow. This works well, B1 is more of a mountain goat than I am so, as we have pretty much the same length stride, I follow in her footsteps. I found myself wondering the other day how many miles I had actually walked in her footsteps. It is a while ago now that I took the photo below of her walking in front of me through Dartmoor’s Bellever Forest but it is still my favourite photo of 2018. It was a good moment, we had just met her DofE Gold team (they were training) who were doing well and didn’t really need us and Bellever Forest was at its magical best. We were walking without talking, both absorbing the atmosphere.

Walking through forests can sometimes be a bit fraught with navigational issues but we were on the return leg of our mission and knew where we were going (how many times have I said that in a forest and been wrong?) The trees were stretching way over our heads and it had recently finished raining. The forest was warm and a soft mist was collecting below the canopy, it looked and felt as though the trees were forbidding the clouds to leave. The sun was filtering through these micro clouds to highlight the brighter greens of the carpeted new conifers on the forest floor. Each one of these elements was beautiful enough but together they were an arboreal feast for all five (and possibly a few more) of the senses.

Well done Dartmoor and well done Bellever Forest, just lovely.