By: Blonde Two

tresspass-blog-awards-nomineeJust when the life of two outdoor Blondes was getting quite exciting enough, with press releases, revealed identities, book signings and the like;  we get an email telling us that we have been nominated for another blogging award.

This time, it is the Trespass Blog Awards and we have been chosen because our blog is a “quality” one! The category is “walking and hiking” which is making me regret my recent posts about soup and Christmas trees.  In fact, looking back at the last two months, a Blondee or Blondette might be forgiven for thinking that we Blondes had given up walking and gone a bit “girly”.

The big question here is, “Can a Bimbling Blonde Blog that occasionally turns a bit girly, stand up against Mountain Munching Men, when the blogging chips are down?” (That has so many words, it actually is a big question!) I like reading all kinds of blogs – it is a bit like meeting all kinds of people but you don’t have to buy them a beer or offer them a lift home.  There is a really interesting collection in these awards and I shall be busy reading.

Only time will tell, we didn’t win last time but with your voting power, maybe we will this time. Click here to VOTE BLONDE and thank you very much!