By: Blonde Two

It is so tempting to make a joke about “exceedingly good cakes here but, although I do love a French Fancy, today I want to commune with the other Mr Kipling for “sixty seconds of distance run.”

There have been many times dear Blondees and Blondettes when I have talked to you with pride of the courage and perseverance of our youngsters.  They often show determination when worn out and always take care of each other (and us).  Today though, I am feeling like I might be needing a little sip from the pot of courage myself.

Today, in this Blonde’s life, Mr Triumph and Little Miss Disaster have equal chances of appearing (I can’t tell you more).  I am hoping that Blonde fortitude will win through whatever happens.  If I can’t hold my head up high, keep a stiff upper lip, keep my shirt on (best had) and be as cool as a cucumber then I won’t be too pleased with myself.

It might be quite funny though if I, in typical Blonde fashion, was stiff as a cucumber, held my shirt up high and cooled my head.  I might try it, just to see what reaction I get. Note to self: pack cucumber in work bag.

Whatever happens and however I comport myself, the Blondes are off to camp again tonight and there is a touch of snow forecast.  I imagine I will have lots of important things to take my mind off Mr Triumph and Little Miss Disaster.