By: Blonde Two

If you cast your minds back a wee while; before Scotland, before Bronze DofE, before Gold DofE … you might remember that we Blondes were finalists in the Simply Hike Blogger Awards. This means that we were not quite the winners, but that we were absolutely excellent runners up.

Last week an exciting package arrived at my gate (I was in the shower refusing to answer the door at the time). It was a box, in some bubble wrap, in a box; and inside the first box was a trophy!

That’s right Blondees and Blondettes, B1 and I have won a trophy! This is not just any trophy, our trophy is made of glass, is shaped like a mountain and … it has our name on it!

B1 and I are going to have joint custody of the trophy, but as B1 is soon to be in Morocco, it is my turn first. I have tried various mantelpieces and shelves as suitable, but I have noticed that the trophy enjoys being moved around.Trophy5

Which is why, on Wednesday, I took it for a Bimble on Dartmoor.Trophy2
As we were near Widecombe (very exciting meeting) which was packed full of tourists; we did all of the usual touristy things. Our favourites were standing on tors (brave when you are made of glass)Trophy1

and talking to Dartmoor ponies (brave when you are a Blonde).Trophy3

I think the trophy enjoyed itself, it came back looking all shiny and happy, and has settled down nicely on the office window sill.

Thanks Simply Hike; I bet we Blondes are looking after our trophy better than anyone else!