By: Blonde One

The new Ten Tors season has begun. The first walk for the Trinity School hopefuls was all of the things that I expected plus the usual range of unexpected too. I love this time of year as I get to test all of my leader skills alongside my navigation and resilience. Ten Tors is a massive challenge for all involved: the parents who have to clean up the wet and muddy kit, the teachers who have to spend their weekends worrying about when they will get their marking done, and last but not least the teenagers who will face a supreme challenge that will test their determination and courage beyond anyone’s expectations. Here’s my list of what to expect from the new season …

  1. Expect the unexpected.
  2. Bring spare waterproofs to replace the inevitable pac-a-mac type coat.
  3. Tolerate the conversations about trainers being good enough.
  4. Prepare for weather that will test even the best waterproof kit.
  5. Repeat the phrase ‘five minutes, just round the corner’ numerous times.
  6. Explain why phones and compasses should not be put together and be prepared to repeat this several times.
  7. Bring extra sweets. A variety is best but should always include Jelly Babies.
  8. Explain how long the bus journey will take to get back to school several times.
  9. Be reminded that being outdoors with teenagers is brilliant.
  10. Be excited by the new season of challenge facing enthusiastic team hopefuls.