By: Blonde One

There are so many reasons to visit the stunning Isles of Scilly it’s almost ridiculous to try and sum it up in a list of 10 things. But, I will try to give you a small flavour of all that is wonderful about this tiny archipelago 27 miles off the Cornish coast.


  1. The beaches and seas are just stunning. Clean white sand is soft underfoot on the beach and gives the waters a sparkling turquoise colour to almost take your breath away.
  2. There is so much archaeology on these small islands. Over 60% of the islands are classed as archaeologically important with 239 scheduled monuments in a land area of only16 square kilometres.
  3. The more inland areas of the islands have a very similar appearance to Dartmoor. There are granite tors and heather aplenty.
  4. Local produce is the tastiest that you can get. To name just a few there are: ice creams, fish obviously, several gin distilleries, fruit and veg. The local flowers are so sweet smelling; especially the daffodils and narcissi.
  5. The local people are so friendly and have some amazing stories to tell. Visitors will encounter all sorts of wonderful things.
  6. As you can imagine for a group of stunning islands there are artists aplenty. If you are lucky you can see them working as you walk past. If not there are plenty of galleries dotted throughout the islands that will tempt you to make a purchase.
  7. Walking is mostly flat. The highest point is less than 50 meters above sea level so the walking is excellent for those that find hills a struggle.
  8. Getting to one of the off-islands is fun. The daily tripper boats will take you to one of the smaller islands in less than 30 minutes. What better way to begin a day out?!
  9. Probably partly due to the clear skies the sunsets and sunrises seem to be spectacular.
  10. Lastly: it’s just beautiful.