By: Blonde Two

A quick Tuesday’s Ten today because, despite having visited our capital twice in the last two months, I am due back there just as soon as I get back down off Exmoor (DofE). It’s a strange life… but I love it!

Ten Blonde things that happened to me in London:

1. I discovered that, on a warm evening, you can actually feel the extra oxygen created by the trees in London’s parks.

2. I found out that, as long as you have access to a Thames bridge, you have access to long views and a breeze.

3. I realised, after dropping my credit card on the pavement and finding it in the same place 15 minutes later, that I must have a guardian angel.

4. I had to confess to a chap looking for my navigation course, that I was also lost.

5. I was pleased to discover that London has beaches (although not ones I would swim off).

6. I became fascinated by the Thames Path and want to explore it further (this is just as well, for reasons you will find out at some point).

7. I found out that it is possible to walk 16 kilometres in order to explore a 4 kilometre section of the Thames.

8. I found out that, although London works very hard to be accessible, it still has a large number of steps and considerable height gain.

9. I learned to return to my Girl Guide days and always have 50p in my pocket (for the loo not the phone).

10. I decided that there is nothing better in the world than sniffing Devon air when you return home from an exciting, and often over stimulating, trip to the big city!