By: Blonde Two

I am, admittedly, a newbie to campervan life but I also quite good at finding easy ways to do most things. Here are my top ten tips for happy campervan camping.

  1. Van walls aren’t much thicker than tent walls. Take ear plugs just in case the birds, foxes or your fellow campers are noisy. We have lots saved from our flights to New Zealand.
  2. On hot nights, hang a mosquito net over the door (a washing line and clothes pegs works) so that you can leave it open and enjoy the breeze.
  3. Save brown paper bags from your shopping (of course you avoid plastic ones). Double bag them and put all your compostable rubbish into them (including paper). You can put them straight into the compost bin when you get home (of course you have a compost bin).
  4. If you are cooking meat, boil the kettle and get some hot, soapy water into the sink so that you can wash your hands and utensils immediately after handling it.
  5. Always have some red wine on hand to put in the cooking (and in the chef!)
  6. Before you put the bed out at night, put a mug, tea bag and spoon out for your morning cuppa.
  7. For curtain tiebacks, read cable ties (the reusable ones!)
  8. When you arrive at your site, check that you have chosen a level spot by running some water into the sink.
  9. Leave the curtains open so that you can enjoy the view as you go to sleep and wake up.
  10. Your van will carry your food, so buy ingredients in glass jars or tins (with pull tabs for easy access). That way you can make use of recycling facilities, be kinder to the environment and take less rubbish home with you.