By: Blonde Two

Happy Christmas

We Blondes hope this Christmas morning finds you healthy and happy and about to eat lots of tasty morsels…

Tomorrow, however, you might feel the urge to walk off all of those cheeky little snacks, so for this Christmas Tuesday’s Ten, we have Ten Christmas locations on Dartmoor for you to put into a delightful Dartmoor walk…


Haytor… well what else are you going to put in your manger? SX 75745 77042

Saddle Tor... originally Saddle Sore, for poor old Mary on that donkey SX 75065 76347

Seven Lords Lands… these Lords will definitely be a leaping if you all visit at once! SX 74545 76362

The Dartmoor Christmas Tree… Tree will give you a warm welcome… if you can find him! SX BBBB1BBBB2

Cold East Cross… this is where the Wise Men originally came from (they didn’t like journeys) SX 74050 74182

Foales Arrishes… Mr Foale was the Innkeeper of a very popular establishment SX 73390 75817

Bell Tor… Christmas morning celebrations always require a bell or two SX 73020 77882

Honeybag Tor… mixed with Frankincense and Myrrh, honey makes a fragrant soap (stables can be mucky)  SX 72845 78782

Holwell Lawn… definitely a holy place, why else would it be so blessed with bluebells each spring SX 74185 78087

Hound Tor… surely (don’t call me that) all shepherds have sheepdogs SX 74180 78967


Enjoy and, if you do take on the Two Blondes Christmas walk, we might see you out there!

PS Don’t forget your parking money for the Haytor car parks… Santa nearly got his sleigh clamped last night!