By: Blonde Two

Whether it is walking, running, swimming or even just standing around under the sky, you probably know by now that a bit if Get Outside is good for both your physical and mental health. If you are anything like us however, you probably also have a list of excuses for not getting out there. For this week’s Tuesday’s Ten we have a look at some of the favourite excuses and explain why we all need to ignore them.

Staying inside excuse number one: ‘It’s raining’.

We have some breaking news for you here, rain looks worse from inside a building than it does when you out it in. Get your jacket on, turn your face to the sky and feel the freshness of those water drops.

Staying inside excuse number two: ‘I haven’t got time’.

The outdoors will make you feel better even if you only visit it for five minutes at a time. Pop out into the garden, take a stroll around the block or sit outside at lunchtime.

Staying inside excuse number three: ‘I’m not fit enough’.

You don’t have to be super (or even a little bit) fit to enjoy the outdoors. Plan short spurts of activity, pack some treats and allow yourself plenty of sitting down time.

Staying inside excuse number four: ‘I need the right gear’.

It is true that some outdoor activities require certain gear but you don’t always have to buy it yourself or brand new. Join a club that will lend gear or buy second hand (from someone you trust).

Staying inside excuse number five: ‘My lifestyle won’t let me get outside’.

Some of us do have very hectic lives and it can sometimes seem like there is no space left in them for anything, let alone me-time. Take a look at your days with new eyes. Maybe you could take some of your work outdoors (phone calls perhaps), perhaps you could get up earlier and walk to the next bus stop or maybe you could encourage your employer to create available outdoor spaces.

Staying inside excuse number six: ‘I don’t have anybody to get outside with’.

Some of us need the encouragement of other people to keep up the get outside habit. Social media is a great way to find groups but you can also check out The Ramblers for walking, British Cycling for cycling and The Outdoor Swimming Society for swimming.

Staying inside excuse number seven: ‘I don’t know how to do that’.

You don’t need qualifications to step out of your door but there are some activities that are more fun and far safer if you have a few skills. The good news is that more and more organisations and individuals are offering beginner training and adventure opportunities. AALA is the licensing authority for UK outdoor activities and can help you to find registered providers.

Staying inside excuse number eight: ‘My family won’t come with me’.

Tricky one this one but not impossible to surmount. Plan carefully. All the best family outings have two things, a purpose (e.g. pick enough blackberries for a crumble) and treats (e.g. at the top of a hill and at the end).

Staying inside excuse number nine: ‘My kids are glued to their phones’.

Phones can be used outside as well. Try downloading a route from a quality mapping app (with a free trial), finding out more about geocaching or playing with the ‘what3words’ app.

Staying inside excuse number ten: ‘There isn’t a national day to help me get outside’.

You have almost certainly never said this, but if you had, you would be WRONG! Following the success of National Get Outside Day 2018 we are pleased to announce National Get Outside Day 2019. Save the date (September 29th 2019) and start planning. The Get Outside Day website is up and running and this year’s theme is, ‘Will you go out with me?’ so start emailing, messaging, phoning or even visiting and encourage people to enjoy their little bit of Get Outside!