By: Blonde Two

I have got myself a bit out of order here because on Thursday I am going to tell you all about how I found out I wasn’t too old for a bit of adventure. In the mean time, you might be looking at the rather odd weather and wondering to yourself what you can do to spice up your outdoor life. For this week’s Tuesday’s Ten we have ten different types of adventure activity that you might like to try.

  1. Coasteering – doing all the things around rocks and the coast that you once told your children not to do
  2. SUP – standing up (or in my case lying down) on a floating board whilst wielding a giant spoon
  3. Giant paddle boarding – doing the above but with lots of other people all trying to get on the same board
  4. Kayaking – learning how to escape from a small hole in a large floating plastic container
  5. Canoeing – as above but with a much bigger hole and room for a bit of camping gear
  6. Outdoor swimming – easy really this one, finding some outside water and getting into it
  7. Gorge walking – walking along a river but not on the bank
  8. Caving – trying very hard to think of anything else apart from the weight of rock above your head and the width of your hips
  9. Climbing – trusting your life to a rope whilst breaking your fingernails
  10. High ropes – basically trying really hard not to look down or scared

I realise now I have finished my list that my thoughts about adventure activities are rather askew. The weird thing is that I would still recommend them. Putting yourself in the position of needing to learn, move in new ways and find a bit of courage is a really uplifting experience and I have recently met some people who can help you to do just that. Beyonk is run by an enthusiastic bunch who know a thing or to about the adventure industry. The principle is fairly easy to understand, especially if you have ever used Airbnb. Tell Beyonk where you are and what you would like to do and they will produce a list of approved adventure activity providers who can offer excellent experiences with qualified coaches. They have everything from high adrenaline adventure to mindfulness adventures so no excuses. Take a look today and who knows where you might end up adventuring!