By: Blonde Two

We do love a good statistic, especially when it is related to the outdoors and outdoor recreation. Here in the UK the Ordnance Survey Get Outside campaign is going from strength to strength and we Blondes are still very proud to be playing our part in it as Get Outside Champions. For this week’s Tuesday’s Ten we have put together 10 interesting statistics about our outdoor spending and behaviour (not just ours, the whole country’s). Did you know that in the UK during 2015…

1. Over half of the money spent on outdoor gear was spent on clothing.
2. We spent £1.2 billion on outdoor kit
3. 19% of all outdoor gear spending was on footwear
4. We spent more on tents than rucksacks and other bags
5. We bought £1.2 billion worth of outdoor gear
6. 36% of all overnight trips made involved outdoor recreation
7. We spent £2.6 billion on outdoor activities
8. 25 million adults made a weekly visit to the natural environment
9. 7 million children made a weekly visit to the natural environment
10. 18.2 million people were not currently active outdoors but wanted to re engage and participate

Reconomics Plus Report 2017