By: Blonde Two

Words can be such fun!

So much so that we Blondes have decided to invent a few of our own (outdoor ones of course)!



When you plan a walk but it takes three times as long as it should to complete because your map has led you to exciting features such as holes in the ground or missing hut circles.

‘We had to walk back to the car in the dark because we got so mapstracted.’



Setting off on a very short but often intriguing expedition that starts at your own house and explores your locality.

‘I found this tree whilst I was expedoorstepping yesterday.’


Hillfull thinking

When, after planning copious mountain routes for a trip, you realise that you were over-imagining your ability to cross contour lines at any sort of speed.

‘I only got half way up… It must have been hillfull thinking when I planned that route!’



When you have bagged the quietest spot on the campsite and Mr Noisy pitches right next to you.

‘I prefer wild camping… far less likely to induce campimosity.’



When you make it to the top of a hill and have time to lie back and stare at the sky before you head down again.

‘I hillaxed for so long, a slug crawled up my nose!’



A state in which you are so fed up with seeing litter on the floor that you start picking it all up.

‘Blonde Two came over all binviromental and picked up the pistachio shells from the car park floor.’



An abbreviation of ‘first breakfast’. Usually taken at camp, whilst still in a sleeping bag and after not very much sleep at all.

‘After a frekkie of crisps and squashed cheese, we decided to sekkie at the cafe.’



When you swim in the sea so often that you start talking to it.

‘Stop it, that’s naughty!’ seaspoke Blonde Two after swallowing her second wave of the morning.


Sloping mat

Similar to a sleeping mat but balanced on a rucksack, six pairs of socks and a dry bag to counteract a sideways tent-angle.

‘B1 kept sliding off her sloping mat in the middle of the night.’



Friends who say ‘yes’ to any number of strange outdoor ‘shall we’ type requests and therefore become your best friends.

‘B2 wasn’t surprised when her yesties all wanted to dance bare foot in the snow with her.’