By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I have had dinner with Ben Fogle. We remember it fondly, he probably doesn’t remember it at all… but he was polite and interested, and easy on the eyes… which is all you can really ask for in a dinner partner! I am presuming that, on the particular evening in question, Ben hadn’t just washed his hair in his own urine, which is what he was doing in the episode of ‘New Lives in the Wild‘ that aired last week. I didn’t think to ask the urine question, although shampoo did come into the conversation.

I particularly enjoy the ‘New Lives in the Wild’ series because they play to something I have always wondered about myself… could I make living off grid work and would I enjoy it… at all? A friend of mine was right when she recently said that Ben is clearly interested in the lives he is filming and always very good at asking the questions to which we want answers. So this week’s Tuesday’s Ten is questions that I would like to ask people about living in the wild.

  1. Does burning your used toilet paper ever get easier? (I find it very tricky)
  2. Do you ever use leaves instead? (I have used sphagnum moss)
  3. Wouldn’t you like to have fish and chips for tea… even once a year? (I would – maybe on my birthday)
  4. How many times does a shelter need to leak before you lose your temper? (depends on the time of the month)
  5. Is having someone to argue with better than arguing with yourself? (yes, no, yes, no, YES! NO!)
  6. Do you end up reading lots of books you wouldn’t have chosen yourself? (probably a good thing)
  7. Do you love the smell of woodsmoke in your hair? (I do)
  8. Where is the scariest place you have slept? (not counting slug sleeps)
  9. What’s your favourite fire-cooked meal? (I don’t like burnt bits)
  10. Could you live like this on your own? (I have honestly never tried living on my own)

If you have any other questions you would like answered, do let us know. We will pass them on to Ben next time we are sat at the same table for dinner!