By: Blonde Two

How many times have you planned a bit of outdoor fun then looked out of the window only to think, ‘Not today, it’s raining’? In 2018 the UK had about 147 rain days (that’s 40% of all days), which means that a fair proportion of our get outside time was wet. Well today I am here to tell you that swimming in the rain is a great idea. Here are a Tuesday’s Ten worth of reasons why…

  1. You are going to get wet outside anyway so you might as well get all the way in.
  2. You don’t need a waterproof coat and trousers for rain swimming.
  3. Floating on your back as raindrops plop onto your face is one of life’s most brilliant experiences.
  4. If it is raining, you are likely to have the beach, river, muddy puddle all to yourself.
  5. You won’t notice the rain anywhere near as much after your swim as you do before.
  6. Cold raindrops on your bare back can make your chosen swimming water feel comparatively warm.
  7. By swimming in the rain you give other people something interesting to point at.
  8. Raindrops taste nicer than either river water or the sea.
  9. If you go for enough rain swims, sooner or later you will experience your very own rainbow swim.
  10. The conversations that go something like this, ‘I’ve just been for a swim.’… ‘In the rain?’… ‘Yes’… ‘You must be mad!’… are very satisfying ones.

So there you go. If you haven’t tried outdoor swimming in the rain, you really should give it a go at least once. One thing I would warn you about though is rivers; rivers can rise very quickly following or during rain and, unless you understand the hazards and how water flow works, they can be dangerous places. It’s okay though; there is always the sea, or that muddy puddle!