By: Blonde Two

As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of Radio Devon, it makes me laugh in the morning, keeps me company as I cook the tea and delivers all kinds of useful information (never underestimate the importance of the Torpoint Ferries). There is something about local radio that makes it approachable and infinitely more entertaining than more national (and sometimes more boring) radio stations. As I travel around the UK and overseas, I like to tune into the local radio station and can recommend that you do the same… here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Local radio will give you travel information that will actually get you to where you need to go.
  2. Local radio will help you find out how to pronounce local place names (except perhaps Aveton Gifford).
  3. Local radio presenters know how to laugh at themselves.
  4. Local radio phone-ins will make you smile at the strangeness of folk.
  5. Local radio can save your soul… well it did a very good job of trying one Sunday afternoon in NZ.
  6. Local radio will make you want to join in (I often do!)
  7. Local radio will get you listening to music you had forgotten existed.
  8. Local radio will tell you about some very niche local events.
  9. If you listen to local radio presenters for long enough, you will start inviting them to stay at your house (well one of them anyway!)
  10. Whatever it is you need to know, local radio will tell you, even before you know that you need to know!

Thanks local radio… you are my kind of media stars!

By the way… I have a conspiracy theory about the Torpoint Ferries… more on that at a later date!