By: Blonde Two

Dartmoor is lovely at all times of the year but some visitors only come in the summer. If you are thinking of getting outside soon or looking for somewhere to go on National Get Outside Day (Sunday September 29th), we have ten reasons that Dartmoor is a great place to be in the autumn.

  1. The contrast between bright yellow gorse and purple heather. Get here soon, it is fantastic right now!
  2. Dartmoor’s rivers look stunning covered in a layer of brown and yellow leaves
  3. Sunset isn’t too early yet so you still have plenty of time to visit Dartmoor after work
  4. Backpack camping (wild camping) can feel even cosier on chilly nights
  5. Autumn is a great time for Dartmoor bird life, especially the golden plover (look out for flocks)
  6. If you hurry, you might get here in time to pick some Dartmoor whortleberries
  7. Autumn is the perfect time to go for a fungus forage with experts
  8. If you fancy a river swim, Dartmoor’s rivers don’t get really cold until November
  9. If Halloween is your thing, we have plenty of spooky Dartmoor locations to choose from
  10. If you want to find out exactly how dark it can get on Dartmoor, and have a go at navigating with your map and compass at night, we have a night navigation course on Friday November 8th

Dartmoor Navigation Courses