By: Blonde Two

Over the last few weeks, I seem to have been all over the place. Scotland-London-Dorset-London-Portugal (Exmoor coming up soon). It is lucky that I like travelling but I have to say, right now I am liking being back at home as well. Thinking back to the most marvellous trip Mr B2 and I had to the top of Scotland in our campervan back in May, it was our first long trip in the van and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but did make a few rookie campervan (and related holiday) errors that we shall be correcting for the next trip.

Error 1: Packing clothes for snow when the snow was in the mountains and we mostly weren’t.

Error 2: Taking dinner and a stove up a mountain and not checking the fullness (or in our case emptiness) of the gas canister.

Error 3: Leaving it too late to change the big gas bottle in the van and paying extortionate fees at the nearest shop.

Error 4: Not taking enough notice of the weather forecast and leaving our drive over the Bealach na Ba from Applecross until there was absolutely no view whatsoever (mind you that did help my nerves).

Error 5: Underestimating the number of miles involved in a trip to Scotland (we did over 2000 in total).

Error 6: Relying on a fridge system that only cooled when we were driving along (turns out black tea tastes quite nice).

Error 7: Underestimating the number of books that we would be able to read in a fortnight.

Error 8: Forgetting that campervan pans are small and having to cook two pans of the same dinner on some nights.

Error 9: Forgetting that freshwater lochs are less buoyant than seawater ones and doing a fair bit of sinking whilst trying to take photos.

Error 10: Taking my smelliest summer shoes and having no way of escaping from them.


As you can see, these were all only small errors and didn’t really impact at all on our enjoyment of Scotland. I have already told you about the bottom-biting midges, not my most sensible event ever!