By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I have a very exciting invitation today… to visit the Devon Air Ambulance Base and meet some of the wonderful team who spend their time saving lives all over Devon. We thought it would be appropriate for this week’s Tuesday’s Ten to give you a few interesting facts about this amazing organisation.

  1. During 2018, the Devon Air Ambulance assisted 1109 people. 11% of these were children.
  2. The Devon Air Ambulance service owns two Airbus helicopters. They also employ their own crew.
  3. DAAT (Devon Air Ambulance Trust) has 19 charity shops across Devon.
  4. B2 (that’s me) was rescued on Dartmoor by the Devon Air Ambulance in 2009. B1 was there with me.
  5. Floodlit community landing sites, for night flying, are being developed all across Devon.
  6. The first Devon Air Ambulance mission flew on August 27th 1992.
  7. The Devon Air Ambulance helicopters are red and easy to recognise in the sky.
  8. This year (2019), Air Ambulance flying hours have been extended from midnight to 2 am.
  9. In 2018 it cost £7.5 million to run the Devon Air Ambulance service. The charity relies on public donation.
  10. One fun way to help raise funds for the Devon Air Ambulance is to join in with the DAA lottery.

Blonde One and I recently took a walk up to Dartmoor to visit the site of my Devon Air Ambulance rescue. It took us a while to get up there and the spot is still as remote as it was then. There are plenty of ways that you can contribute to the running of this vital service and help me to say, ‘Thank you’ for my rescue.