By: Blonde Two

I have recently returned from a few days spent camping at some lovely Dartmoor campsites and working from my campervan. You will hopefully read the results of the articles I wrote in future issues of Campervan Magazine. I had a great time but have come back with a few thoughts about what a roaming worker actually needs (some I had, some I didn’t). So this week’s Tuesday’s Ten is 10 things a digital nomad needs to work on the road.

Electronic capability

A digital nomad needs the capacity to both access the internet and charge her batteries (not just the metaphorical ones).

A laptop jacket

Laptops do not like the cold. I have a feeling someone has already invented the laptop jacket but mine would be much prettier.

A laptop dry bag

My laptop fits inside most of my dry bags, which means that it can safely accompany me on walks (it gets lonely in the van).

Extra tea bags

When you don’t even have to leave your seat to put the kettle on, you get through a lot of these.

A flexible attitude to time

When you are dependent on intermittent power and signal you have to work when you can.

Alternative entertainment

See above because what I mean here by ‘alternative’ is entertainment that can operate without either charging facilities or the internet. The radio and a puzzle book became my best friends.

A notepad

Could also be alternative entertainment (see above) but making notes is important, especially when your ideas are working and your gadgets are not.

A camera that can cope with dull weather

I either need a new camera or I need to take Mr B2 and his superior photo ability with me next time.

A blanket

I haven’t finished knitting the vanklet yet but I do have a fluffy blanket that lives in the van. This is great for stuffing inside my sleeping bag on cold nights, putting over my knees on cold days and wrapping up my laptop in the absence of a laptop jacket.

An open mind about writing ideas

Creativity flourishes in an outdoor environment. I had planned to write two articles but found myself in ultra-composition mode and ending up making notes on several more.