By: Blonde Two

Madainn mhath (I have been trying to learn a little Gaelic but will leave you to translate).

Mr B2 and I are recently returned from a most excellent trip to Scotland, we had a marvelous time and I have lots of stories to tell you but first I thought I would share a general set of observations about this most mystical and wondrous of countries.

1. Scotland is very big (just over 30,000 square miles). This means that you can’t (and shouldn’t attempt to) see all of it in one trip.

2. Scottish mountains are a lot bigger and steeper than Dartmoor’s hills. In fact, 75 of Scotland’s mountains are higher than Snowdon (which is, of course, not in Devon).

3. Just like Devon (or really not at all like it) Scotland is home to two wonderful National Parks (Cairngorms, and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs).

4. Contrary to popular mythology, the whole of Scotland is not covered by swarms of midges for the whole year. Check out the Smidge midge forecast if you are worried.

5. The most northerly point on mainland Scotland is not John O’Groats but nearby Dunnet Head.

6. Just like Devon, Scotland has single track roads with passing places. Scotland is far better than Devon at this, we like to hide our passing places, Scotland puts signposts by theirs.

7. Scottish lochs can either be freshwater, inland lochs or salt water, sea lochs. This information is important for an outdoor swimmer because (as I discovered) it is much harder to float and take photos in a freshwater loch.

8. Scottland is the rightful home of single malt whisky. If you concentrate, you can smell it in the air. If you are living in a very small campervan, you are allowed to drink it in bed.

9. In Scotland you can buy pies filled with macaroni cheese. This is a most excellent invention, especially if you are planning to climb one of those many mountains.

10. Scotland is beautiful, jaw-droppingly, camera-grabbingly, awe-inspiringly so. If you haven’t been yet, you should definitely consider a visit.