By: Blonde Two

We Blondes are Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champions and we are here to encourage as many people as we possibly can to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of being outside. We are also women, women who spend a lot of time outdoors; so for today’s Tuesday’s Ten we have 10 things that women need to know about getting outside.

1. If someone sees you crouched behind a bush for a loo-stop, they will almost certainly either turn around politely and wait or walk off in the other direction.

2. Sorting out period issues (maybe behind the same bush) while you are outside is a nuisance but, once you get used to it, not really much more so than having to do it when you are inside.

3. There will be men and other women who can walk/swim/run/climb faster and better than you but you will be walking/swimming/running/climbing faster than the men and women who are still sitting on their sofas.

4. Women can and do read maps very well. It is a little known fact that men can also do this (but aren’t always right).

5. Sometimes having a bit of additional body fat can be an advantage. In the outdoor swimming world we call it ‘bioprene’ as it keeps us warmer than some of the chaps.

6. It is possible to find women’s outdoor gear to fit all kinds of female shapes. It is also fine to try on the guy’s gear if you want to.

7. It is no more or less important to be aware of outdoor safety issues if you are a woman than if you are a man. The key factors are training, preparedness and experience.

8. By far the best way to find out whether or not you enjoy an outdoor experience is to try it. This enjoyment might not come immediately, type two fun will probably kick in once you are home and warm again.

9. Women make great tent buddies but it is considered rude to leave the men outside to fend for themselves.

10. We are not all made the same but the great thing about the outdoors is that it offers something for everyone. From a channel swim to a stream paddle, from a rock hop to Everest, the outdoors is there waiting and won’t judge you however far or near you explore.

Get Outside