By: Blonde Two

Although we Blondes believe firmly in the importance of spending time outside, we also understand that any time we spend in the outdoors has an impact on the environment we are enjoying. This doesn’t have to be a negative impact of course. Simply by taking home a bit of litter we are making a positive contribution. Over the last decade the number of adults who spent time outdoors once a week rose by 11% (Natural England). Although the exact amount varies depending on where you are in the UK, this is fantastic news.

Even more brilliant news is that 90% of adults in Natural England’s Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment survey stated that they were concerned about damage to the natural environment. It is clear that we love our outdoor spaces but imagine if you could hear your favourite one talk. Here are ten things it might say to you…

  1. ‘I am home to some amazing wildlife, please find out more about it’
  2. ‘I am not really that fond of banana skins and apple cores
  3. ‘By protecting my footpaths and bridleways, you also protect me’
  4. ‘You would probably be surprised to find out how many species of UK birds there are’
  5. ‘I might be in a city but I am still an important green space
  6. ‘You sometimes have to do a bit of work to find me but a map can help
  7. Please listen to the people who look after me, they know what they are talking about’
  8. ‘I love it when people volunteer to help keep me beautiful’
  9. Working in conservation can be really rewarding’
  10. Be gentle with me and I will be there for you’

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