By: Blonde One

What are the top ten things you should pack on a trip to Morocco? My recent World Challenge trip would not have been so successful without these things:

Sun hat (wide brimmed, not a baseball cap)

Sun cream (at least factor 30)

Sun glasses (be sure to take a friend when shopping for sun glasses)

Comfy, worn in boots

Cool fabric trousers (the North Face women’s exploration pants were perfect)

Long sleeve shirt (easier than applying sun cream to avoid sunburn, and also does not offend locals with too much bare skin showing)

A good camera (for those literally breathtaking views)

An open mind (remember that Morocco is very far from the same culture as the UK. Things are different!)

Someone to share the adventure with (I recommend some teenagers)

A diary (trying to remember all of the amazing things that Morocco has to offer is impossible without writing it down)