By: Blonde Two

We all have our favourite internet search terms (the words we type to find online information) but, if you have your own outdoor website or outdoor blog as we do, it can be fun (and sometimes really useful) to find out which search terms people have been using to find your website. You would think that people who read Two Blondes Walking arrive at it because they have typed in an interesting outdoorsy question such as, ‘Where can I wild camp on Dartmoor?’, ‘What are the best walks on Dartmoor?’ or ‘How do you navigate using a map and compass?’ You would be right of course, but there are some other, rather surprising search terms that have boosted our SEO (search engine optimisation) and hopefully given people something interesting and maybe unexpected to read.


Search term 1 – ‘Two Blondes Walking’

No surprise there, we are blondes and we do go walking!


Search term 2 -‘Blonde poems’

I can only think of one occasion we published a swimming poem on the blog but we did once talk about our favourite poems.


Search term 3 -‘Adder snake’

Well Dartmoor does have adders and they are snakes but we don’t see them very often.


Search term 4 -‘Batman signal’

We may or may not be Batgirls (it would be wrong of us to tell you if we were) but we did once write about a bat signal. It involved a Jelly Baby, a headlight and a Dartmoor tor!


Search term 5 -‘What is a cairn’

You won’t find us with this search term anymore. The ‘you should/shouldn’t piles of stones’ debate has rumbled on for so long that historical cairns such as the ones on Dartmoor have taken second place in search engine interest.


Search term 6 -‘Weird goings on’

Well yes, I suppose so but we Blondes think we are perfectly sane!


Search term 7 -‘Hairy hands’

We are hoping this one isn’t a reference to poor manicure regimes but rather a query about Dartmoor’s legend of the Hairy Hands.


Search term 8 -‘St German’s mosquito

These little horrors are well known… but only if you live in St Germans. Who knew that people searched for information about them!


Search term 9 -‘Crampons tampons

Hopefully typed by someone who wanted to read my favourite ever Blonde blog post and not someone who had come a cropper getting confused between the two items.


Search term 10 -‘Weird places to have ticks’

The ‘weird’ word again (I thought we were normal)… and yes, we could tell you about a few odd places to have ticks… but those stories are best kept quiet!


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