By: Blonde Two

It baffles me why people who visit beautiful places, presumably because they are beautiful, choose to drop litter and therefore make it less beautiful. Even less easy to understand is my suspicion that the people who drop litter dislike seeing it lying around as much as the people who don’t. Whatever the solutions are to this problem, education must surely have a big part to play and we Blondes do enjoy a bit of educating. So… For this week’s Tuesday’s Ten we have ten things that do count as litter even though it is clear (because we have found all of them on Dartmoor) that some people think that they don’t.

  1. Apple cores – one month to decompose
  2. Dog poo – two months to decompose
  3. Tampons – six months to decompose (without a plastic applicator)
  4. Satsuma peel – six months to decompose
  5. Toilet paper – 1-3 years to decompose
  6. Wooly hats – 1-5 years to decompose
  7. Banana skin – two years to decompose
  8. Pistachio shells – three years to decompose
  9. Compasses – goodness only knows but they are plastic, expensive and important so don’t drop them!
  10. Broken sledges – over 1000 years to decompose

Of course, once you have decided not to drop the above litter, what you do with these items once you have taken them home again is really important…