By: Blonde Two

You know that theory about how, when you like someone, you sometimes start to subconsciously mimic them and, to the outside world, become more and more like them?  Well I have a feeling that this might be starting to happen to the Two Blondes. A new youngster of our mutual acquaintance asked me the other day if we were “best friends” – I told her that we were very good friends and she said, “I thought so because you look like each other.”

Despite being quite similar in the way we do things and our feelings on different matters, the Two Blondes do not really look like each other (Mr’s Blonde One and Two never seem to get muddled up) but I can see that a couple of things have crept in over the last year that might lead someone to suggest that we do.

The first one is our hair.  I am not referring to the colour of said hair here.  Just as it is rude to ask a lady her age; these days, it is equally rude to ask a lady what her real hair colour is.  No, the length of our hair is the interesting factor here.  Way back at around this time last year, we both (after a discussion of course) decided to grow our hair longer so that it could be tied back and be less hot on a trip to Morocco.  As it emerged, both sets of Blonde hair did grow and have become much more outside-manageable but only One Blonde went to Morocco.  We have kept the long hair as hopefully it will also serve as a “keep-you-warm” factor this winter but are having fun coming up with different “hair-control” systems (one thing we will always have in common is our love of developing a system for everything that could possibly need one).

The second “becoming more alike” thing is our glasses.  Blonde One has nearly always worn her’s walking.  For a variety of dirt/wind/time/rain reasons, contact lenses can be a real pain when you are out on Dartmoor.  Recently, I Two have had to wear glasses more often – I have had a revelation and discovered that 90% of navigation is being able to see things!  Previously, if the dreaded “glasses-mist-up” occurred at least 50% of the Blondes would be able to see.  Now, we are often both blind at the same time which can be funny and then sometimes just isn’t.

These two factors have meant that we probably do look a bit more alike than a year ago.  I asked some of our older youngsters (can you have older youngsters) if I was becoming more like Blonde One the other day.  Their response was, “No, you don’t have enough lists yet!”  Very cheeky but almost certainly very perceptive!