By: Blonde One

There are many places in Devon that the Two Blondes feel at home: on Dartmoor, any cosy cafe, in a tent, Foxtor Bunkhouse, Princetown Visitor Centre, and many, many more. We have discovered somewhere that took us completely out of our comfort zone and had us behaving like lost children. We managed to find ourselves at the lovely DIY shop B&Q. We were on a simple mission: purchase 2 folding garden chairs and a water carrier. I managed to park the car alright, and that’s probably where the success ended. We initially got confused by the door system and nearly walked in through the exit. Our arrival inside was fairly ok, as after a few steps we were confronted with some lovely colourful chairs. The 2 most suitable were quickly chosen. That’s when the fun really began… we spent the next few minutes wandering round and round the store wondering where on earth the water carriers might be kept. We went past filtration vents, hooks, planks, screws, lights, levels, and goodness knows what else! Our confusion soon turned to the usual giggles and we mildly cursed our ‘boy’ colleagues for sending us on a clearly impossible mission! Luckily a very nice employee took pity on us and stepped in to help. After some shared laughter he admitted that all he could offer was a bucket!

Mission ‘water carrier from B&Q’ now abandoned, we purchased the chairs (after a few exchanges of colour) and left. Next we tried Halfords (only very slightly more in our comfort zones) and felt very smug when we found the (almost) exact right thing. We decided that such a traumatic hour necessitated a dinner and glass of wine to laugh at ourselves and restore dignity!

Our smugness soon evaporated the very next day when the water carrier broke in the most spectacular fashion!! I will leave you to consider whether ‘user error’ was involved!