By: Blonde Two

This year, both Blonde One and I have both made new car purchases.  We are not really car people, preferring to get out and walk as much as possible but although there are some really good bus routes up onto Dartmoor, having a car makes exploring a lot easier.

Over the year so far, you may have noticed that our Two Blondness have become so concentrated that we hardly need to talk to each other to make plans about what we are doing, saying or packing.  For instance, I have just packed a cheeky pot of Pringles into my bag in the sure knowledge that Blonde One will bring the beers.  I also know that she will have bought enough milk for both of us to have at breakfast time and that although I have only got tea bags, she will have the coffee.

Despite being so sure in my knowledge of our Two Blondness, I was still surprised that this level of psychic organisation has extended to car purchases.  There are only two types of car that Two Blondes with an intent on mischief and with a passion for the intrepid need – one for fun and one for adventure.  You would imagine that car purchases would be beyond the limit of Blonde togetherness but take a look at the picture below and you will see that we now have both sides to our characters more than adequately covered in truly matching Blonde fashion.

2BW cars


This will be a rare sight as we like to travel together but you can see what I mean can’t you.  Give us a sunny Saturday with no kids to expedition and we will be off roaring up to Princetown in the sports car for a Foxtor Cafe cuppa and a walk – but come the wet days when we need to brave flooded roads and snow to rescue stranded youngster, we will be safely snuggled in the Landy (finally a car with a windscreen that clears!)

So if you are on Dartmoor and see a pair of giggling Blondes with hair flying all over a natty blue sports car or a pair of cosy ones with hot drinks in a shiny seated Freelander – you will know who it is and hopefully give us a cheery wave!