By: Blonde Two

BaftaIt is the time of year for award ceremonies – Baftas, Brits and soon, the Oscars. I haven’t been nominated this year (we will save that for the year they make Two Blondes the Movie) but I don’t mind in the slightest because last night I won an award of my own.  Last night I finally qualified as a Walking Group Leader.

This qualification has been a long time coming for me.  I first started navigation training ten years ago and have been working up to this point ever since.  A not too supportive lady once told me that she didn’t trust me to take kids up on the moors and I think I have carried that with me a bit since then.  That was a long time ago and as you know, Blonde One and I already spend a lot of time walking with groups of youngsters but this award means that I can take them further afield and, more importantly, have the confidence to get them back again.

It was a very cold, windy night last night and we were out navigating for three hours.  There was deep smelly mud, ice, stars and a very metal wobbly bridge to cross.  I was ready to come home by the end of it I can tell you.  I nearly messed up one navigation leg to a cairn (I could see the wrong cairn on the horizon) but I realised my mistake and corrected it and was given another chance which I got spot on.

While we were walking Mr Blonde Two went and sat on top of Sharpitor and looked at the stars.  I spent so much time looking at the compass and at my feet last night that I hardly spotted the stars.  I am going to go out again on a clear night soon and I am going to sit, and look and smile a lot.

PS  Yes, that is a real Bafta and yes it really is my hands but I was just borrowing it!